World Press Photo 2020: le immagini finaliste di ogni categoria

Redazione | 27 Febbraio 2020

Contestualmente ai finalisti in gara per il World Press Photo of the Year e per il World Press Photo Story of the Year, la World Press Foundation dirama anche le 44 immagini che concorrono per essere vincitrici in ogni singola categoria, Singles e Stories:

Contemporary Issues

Singles: Sean Davey “Bushfire Evacuation Center”, Mark Peterson “Hitler’s Birthday/Easter Weekend”, Nikita Teryoshin “Nothing Personal – the Back Office of War”

Stories: Nicolò Filippo Rosso “Exodus”, Lorenzo Tugnoli “The Longest War”, Steve Winter “The Tigers Next Door”


Singles: Noah Berger “Battling the Marsh Fire”, Esther Horvath “Polar Bear and her Cub”, Frederic Noy “Lake Victoria Dying”

Stories: Luca Locatelli “The End of Trash – Circular Economy Solutions”, Maximilian Mann “Fading Flamingos”, Katie Orlinsky “The Carbon Threat”

General News

Singles: Yasuyoshi Chiba “Straight Voice”, Ricardo García Vilanova “Unconscious Protester during the Tishreen Revolution”, Alessio Mamo “Russian Mother and her Child at Al-Hol Refugee Camp”

Stories: Nicolas Asfouri “Hong Kong Unrest”, Fabio Bucciarelli “Chile: The Rebellion Against Neoliberalism”, Ivor Prickett “ISIS and its Aftermath in Syria”

Long-Term Projects

Sabiha Çimen “Hafız: Guardians of the Qur’an”, Romain Laurendeau (France) con “Kho, the Genesis of a Revolt”, Daniele Volpe “Ixil Genocide”


Singles: Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez “The King of Doñana”, Alejandro Prieto “Roadrunner Approaching the Border Wall”, Alain Schroeder “Final Farewell”

Stories: Peter Mather “Wolverine, Arctic Snow Machine”, Alain Schroeder “Saving Orangutans”, Brent Stirton “Pangolins in Crisis”


Singles: Tomek Kaczor “Awakening”, Lee-Ann Olwage “Black Drag Magic – Portrait of a Drag Artist and Activist”, Alon Skuy “Musa’s Struggle and Search for the Stage”

Stories: Adam Ferguson “The Haunted”, Tadas Kazakevičius “Between Two Shores”, Tatsiana Tkachova “Between Right and Shame”


Singles: Mark Blinch “Kawhi Leonard’s Game 7 Buzzer Beater”, Silvia Izquierdo “Cheering the Goal”, Oli Scarff “Liverpool Champions League Victory Parade”

Stories: Kim Kyung-Hoon “Japan’s Veteran Rugby Players”, Olivier Papegnies “The Gouandé Gazelles”, Wally Skalij “Rise from the Ashes”

Spot News

Singles: Farouk Batiche “Clash with the Police During an Anti-Government Demonstration”, Ramon Espinosa “Dorian’s Devastation”, Dai Kurokawa “Nairobi DusitD2 Hotel Attack”

Stories: Matthew Abbott “Australia’s Bushfire Crisis”, Mulugeta Ayene “Relative Mourns Flight ET 302 Crash Victim”, Oliver Weiken “Deadly Bomb Blast in Cairo”

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